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These are not coated in glue, but wil silicone, which means:-

(a) Avoids jamming.

(b) Protects against rust.

(c) Helps slide the wedge into the wood more easily resulting in better penetration.

(d) Whilst lubricatingthe internal firing mechanism of the underpinner, the more wedges used, the more the underpinning machine is lubricated.

(e) Always load with the silicone on top because the sharpened edge is sited there and this should always penetrate the wood first.

Made from a special steel alloy, they have a unique property called "Shaped Memory".

This causes the wedge to react in 4 stages:-

(a) Insert the wedge inot the wood.

(b) The wedge then spreads its wings.

(c) This "Shape Memory" characterisitic then attempts to return the wedge back to its originl position.

(d) This pulld the two mitred pieces back together again, resulting in a perfect, tight join.

The wedges are colour coded and can be identified inside or outside the underpinner which defines the type and hardness:-

- The colour box for an AL wedge is grey for softwood and black for hardwood use.

- The colour box for an UNI wedge is white for softwood and red for hardwood use.

A box contains 8000pcs, but the number of boxes in an outer box differs depending on size.

A 10% discount is offered when an outer box quantity in purchased.

The AL wedge range have been made to be used on Alfa (Minigraf) underpinners because they are 11mm wide.

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